Vanessa Bell Story 

Father & Daughter Affair

The Father - Patrick Yuen ( PaPa Yuen)

more than 50 years experience in jewellery design & making industry. He specialises in design with diamond, jade and gemstones.


He is involved from concept to production and all items are created in his own workshop in Hong Kong.

About The Designer 

The Daughter - Vanessa Yuen has always been interested in fashion, art and styling. She spent her childhood in her Father's studio which was where her passion for fashion and design began.


She studied fashion and textile in Hong Kong to achieve her dream job and become a fashion designer, and has worked in all aspects of design for over seven years since.


In 2014, she decided to follow her dream and travel to Europe. Whilst in London, she gained experience in a london handcrafted jewellery shop as an design intern.


After returning to Hong Kong, with the influence of vintage jewellery design on her mind, she founded Vanessa Bell together with her Father and the brand was formed in 2015.