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18K gold.

Price starts from (HK size 4-12) depending on size.

This is a made-to-order product.
Production will start following payment and it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete your order. If your size is not shown here please do not hesitate to contact us. All items are custom made and can be ordered to any size.

Please keep in mind that all gemstones in our collection are natural and therefore vary in color from each other.

We guarantee the best selection and composition of colors available, however we cannot guarantee exact replicas of the stones photographed.

Please note that after you receive your ring, if you wish to resize it there will be a charge.Re-sizing your ring to a smaller size is $200.

Increasing the size of your ring involves extra material costs (gold) and labour fees.

The price is $150 if the size you are increasing to is within 3 ring sizes and $150 for every 3 ring sizes beyond that.

Wave Stacking Rings

  • Measure the inner diameter of one of your rings with a ruler, note the size.

    Read more about please go to ring guide page.

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